Travel cruises and routes are planned with the guests according to the climatic and navigation conditions. The captain of the Kiral is at disposal for possible advices in order to admire the splendid bays and the wonderful depths wich the Croatian coasts offer. Nights can be enjoyed in roadstead in the quiet deserted inlets with the company of the sounds and the scents that nature offers to us or in the ports where the nocturnal life is more enlivened and goliardic. The experience matured in the navigation years allows us to give you some little advices in order to make your holiday unique and unforgettable.
The Kiral and its captain are at disposal also
for daily escapes, week end, events, manifestations, lunches and suppers with possible cook or hostess, night escapes.
Use only folding bags or sacks, absolutely unsuitable rigid bags and trolley. Remember to carry: swimsuits, towels, sun glasses and protecting creams, cameras and television cameras, comfortable clothes to eventually go out in the evening, medicine for an eventual sea- sickness, a suitable identity document (identity card or passport) for every guest, in the boat you have to be always barefoot, but you need to carry comfortable shoes in order to go out in the evening, eventual credit cards.
If you need information, questions or advices don't hesitate to contact the captain of the Kiral to the address that you find in the link "contact us",